February 24, 2022

YouTube’s Priorities in 2022

YouTube on a mobile device

Social Media Trends

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, recently released her annual letter explaining how YouTube will be growing their ecosystem in 2022. She expanded on the priorities the platform is establishing this year: the state of the creator economy, innovation, supporting the work of creators, and protecting the YouTube community. Here are a few highlights from her letter:

  • YouTube shorts reached 5 trillion views in 2021
  • Channels that are making more than $10,000 a year are up over 40% year on year
  • There are now 10 different ways for creators to make money on YouTube
  • As of 2021, there were more than 50 million music and premium subscribers
  • A new feature will be released in 2022 that allows users to remix audio from across the platform
  • In 2022, YouTube is committed to doubling the number of users who engage with educational content on YouTube
  • In 2022, YouTube is also committed to amplifying positive climate content
  • YouTube is committed to giving creators more control

Why This Matters

When creators use any social media platform how it is meant to be used, their content is more likely to be favoured by the platform’s algorithm, reaching more of their target audience.

Next Step

Take a look at the shifts YouTube is making this year and see if there are any new opportunities for your organization when it comes to content creation and reaching your audience on this platform.