Overcoming the Trust Deficit

Commerce Trends A quick scroll through any social network will find disgruntled posts about interactions with companies. Whether it’s disappointing quality, bad service, or unmet expectations, customer trust has been on the decline in North America, and people aren’t shy to share their experiences. It’s easy to assume this only has to do with for-profit

The Free Gift Balancing Act

Commerce Trends We all love it when we can get something for free, and marketers have capitalized on that fact by offering free promotions, free samples, free shipping…and the list goes on. Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at Duke University who has extensively researched the appeal of free things, co-authored a study called

hands holding piece of paper with the word FREE

Barriers for the Online Shopper

Digital Trends In December, we touched on how to effectively promote your online store. But how do you ensure your audience stays on your site long enough to make a purchase? Klarna, a shopping service provider, recently released an infographic which includes a list of common barriers for modern online shoppers: Long loading times Website

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How to Effectively Promote Your Online Store

Digital Trends During the pandemic, online shopping has increased and the 2021 holiday season is no different. According to “Nonprofit Tech for Good”, here are suggestions on how to raise awareness for your non-profit store online: Create a storefront on your Instagram and Facebook pages Add product tags in your stories on social media which

woman shopping on her mobile phone