Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website

Digital Trends If you’re an executive at an organization or ministry, you may feel like your media team is constantly badgering you to upgrade your website or redesign it altogether. While keeping your site updated is standard, redesigns may feel unnecessary. However, with the rate technology changes there are good reasons your team may be

New Website

Mobile Giving – Is It In Your Toolkit?

Technology Trends You have likely noticed in your analytics how mobile devices outpace desktop computers for website visitors. In addition to making your website mobile-friendly, it is important to provide mobile visitors with a streamlined way to donate to your organization. Mobile giving is on the rise and people appreciate the easy ways to donate

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Smart Speakers and Moms

Technology Trends Smart Speakers have effectively disrupted the home technology industry in a way that may make you feel like you’re in an episode of The Jetsons. The AI-powered interface can play your favourite playlist, answer questions, set timers, give you reminders, and even control other smart devices within your home. A recent survey from

woman using smart speaker

Technology and the Mission of the Church

Ministry Trends Waybase, a Canadian organization with a vision to bring the Church together to make a greater impact for good, has recently released their report “The Next Normal”, exploring the future of Christian Ministries and Churches in Canada. Here is just one of their key findings: Prior to 2020, only 10% of churches had

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Is Your Social Media Content Accessible?

Digital Trends There are an estimated 2.2 billion people worldwide who have some form of vision impairment, and roughly 5% of the global population lives with a hearing disability. This means that a huge portion of the world’s population relies on assistive technology to navigate the online world and access digital content such as social

man with hearing aid looking at phone