YouTube is for every Generation

Streaming Trends On April 23, 2005, Jawed Karim (co-founder of YouTube) uploaded the first YouTube video titled “Me at the zoo.” Since then, the video sharing and streaming platform has experienced rapid growth to put it mildly. A mere 18 months after launching to the public, the company was purchased by Google for more than

The Future of Television

Broadcasting Trends The rising popularity of AI content creation and the ongoing 2023 Writers Guild of America strike has many people musing about the future of television, wondering if aspects of the conventional medium will survive long-term. According to recently published data by Nielsen, nearly 40% of households are choosing streaming services over broadcast television.

Guess Who Loves Subtitles? It’s Gen Z!

Streaming Trends These days more than half of all television viewers watch shows with subtitles, but these numbers skew much higher for younger viewers. Preply recently surveyed 1,200 Americans to gain insight into why and how it relates to the way we consume content. Here’s the breakdown for who’s using subtitles most of the time:


The Psychology Behind Thumbnail Images

Streaming Trends How do you decide what you’re going to watch next? When you’re scrolling through your streaming app, what makes you stop for a closer look? The title? The genre? Or is it the thumbnail? Most of us make our daily micro-decisions (what to watch, wear, eat, etc.) based on a gut instinct or

person scrolling through images on a phone