Teens Want to Learn About Jesus

Faith Trends Gen Z teens in the United States are curious about Jesus and more than 75% are at least somewhat motivated to continue learning about Him throughout their lives. This percentage is higher for U.S. teens than it is for teenagers globally, according to a recent study from Barna. They discovered 32% of teens

Teens and Faith

Faith Trends World Vision partnered with Barna Group to develop a study of more than 24,000 youth ages 13 to 17 living in 26 countries. The goal was to uncover beliefs around issues such as faith and justice. Of those teens surveyed in Canada: 53% had never used a Bible 43% described themselves as “somewhat

Teens and faith

The Open Generation

Faith Trends Later this year, Barna Group will release a study focused on teenagers, highlighting new global data related to their ideas about Jesus. Early data from this study indicates that teens today have a positive perception of Jesus, although their ideas of Him focus more on the past. Why This Matters Through this study,

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