Marketing with Purpose

In 1996, President Catherine Robertson combined her passion for media, ministry, and marketing to serve Christian and charitable organizations by launching Eaglecom. She believes God owns the company and leads the team to serve clients and media partners. “We are here to impact lives and align with the mission of our clients.”, says Catherine, adding that “It is an ever-changing art to reach people through the most effective media channel. We exist to convey life-changing messages as we partner with organizations that are dedicated to making a difference.”

We are here to impact lives and align with the mission of our clients.

Catherine RobertsonPresident

On Your Team

When you partner with Eaglecom, it is as though you have hand-picked your own team of media, marketing, and administrative specialists dedicated to your organization’s growth and impact. With easy access to our team members each day, you have a dedicated and committed media department “just down the hall”.

Accomplish Your Mission

You want a team working as hard as you do to achieve your mission. We go above and beyond to advocate for you by leveraging our long-term, established relationships to increase your impact and help you reach your goals.

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Your Team

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Amalia Manucduc

Finance Manager

With more than 30 years of finance experience in various industries and organizations, Amalia guides Eaglecom on all financial matters, ensuring we remain good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us. Amalia’s commitment to excellence and integrity is always obvious. Amalia speaks often of the special times she enjoys with her family, as well as her interest in plants and gardens, Christian music, and traveling.

Audrey Cox

Director of Aerie Administration

Since 2008, Audrey has managed our specialized division to provide donor and financial administration services to Canadian Christian ministries. Her ideal day is when clients receive accurate information and reports, while donors feel heard and appreciated. Audrey has led this division from when we had one client to now serving eight Canadian charities. Her passion beyond work is enjoying God’s creation, whether camping, walking, gardening, or enjoying a good view.

Barbara Dowling

Impact Manager

Barbara’s business passion is to develop effective solutions for ministries and media partners so they can reach their goals and expand the impact of their messaging. With vast experience in broadcasting, Barbara knows the value of creating promotional extensions that serve all parties well. She sees everything through the lens of reaching more people while building strong relationships. Barbara loves spending time with her daughter, husband, and pets. She also enjoys working in her vegetable garden, which feeds her cooking passion.

Catherine Robertson


Catherine believes God directed her to launch Eaglecom in 1996 and now delights in working with an experienced team of media and marketing specialists in Canada and the USA. Her favourite subject is communication, and specifically how to reach audiences through media vehicles. Catherine focuses on big-picture strategies and partnering with ministries to impact people through life-changing messages. She also loves power walking, seasonal decorating, and caring for others through visits and messages.

Charissa Martin

Media Buyer

Charissa approaches everything in life with a “Kingdom first” outlook, which is what fuels her commitment to placing our clients’ messages of hope where they will best reach their audiences. Charissa is highly organized and coordinates hundreds of media contracts with precision and excellence. Outside of work, Charissa is passionate about sports and is an avid runner.

Danielle Harris

Aerie Administrative Assistant

Danielle is detail-oriented and passionate about systems and procedures. She enjoys her supportive role of data entry and maintaining accuracy and consistency for Aerie clients. Danielle loves art, visual arts, and music, and is involved in her church’s worship team and a writing club. Her love of writing and expressing thoughts motivates her to write books and share wise thoughts with our team.

Doug Robertson

IT + Systems Manager

With a love for computers that goes back to his high school days, Doug joined Eaglecom in 2004 and has both created and managed Eaglecom’s processing systems ever since. Passionate about creating macros, Doug also works to achieve accuracy, consistency, and clean optics for staff and clients, through detailed reports. Outside of work, he loves studying the Bible, playing bass guitar, and spending time with his precious grandchildren.

Garrett Goodison

Media Coordinator
Garrett Goodison

Garrett brings a patient professionalism that is always kind and is motivated by the success of the project at hand. Nothing makes him happier than working as a team to turn the endless possibilities of the imagination into tangible stories that impact audiences in a profound way. When he's not coordinating projects with Eaglecom, you'll find Garrett working on his latest voice acting project, or enjoying a milkshake with his wife and son.

Glenn Robertson

Traffic Manager

Glenn assumes various roles at Eaglecom and does each with excellence and precision. As Traffic Manager, Glenn ensures that all programs and creative assets are delivered to media partners in a timely manner and provides 24/7 troubleshooting services when required. With his zeal for research and problem-solving, Glenn also produces client reports and oversees administrative functions. Glenn enjoys reading, and watching Seattle Mariners games, but his love of children is most obvious as he and his wife provide respite foster care.

James Thiessen

IT Manager
James Thiessen

With 15 years of experience in software and IT, James thrives at the intersection of technology and systems. In his role as IT Manager, he oversees Eaglecom’s technical infrastructure and various systems, while also ensuring the reliability, safety, and security of data. In his spare time, he enjoys being a dedicated sound technician at his church, automating everything, and trying new things - whether it's sampling a fish eyeball or experiencing the unique, but ultimately unpleasant, taste of durian. All of these play second fiddle to spending quality time with his wife and goofing around with his daughter.

Janis Roxburgh

Media Coordinator
Janis Roxburgh

Janis first discovered her passion for organization and structure while serving in an administrative role with Athletes in Action. Now as Media Coordinator, she loves collaborating and working on various tasks that support the media department. Janis is dedicated, detail-oriented and brings efficiency to every project she undertakes. Outside of work, Janis enjoys spending time with her family, photography, outdoor exploration, and party planning.

Jonathan Andrews

Director of Media

With extensive experience in Christian broadcasting, Jonathan joined Eaglecom in 2015 and is dedicated to working with clients to design and implement media plans to achieve their goals. Jonathan leads client/agency teams to determine the best way to reach people and has expertise in working with all media vehicles. Jonathan enjoys taking long walks with his wife and dog, listening to live music, travelling, and spending time with extended family.

Kait Roth

Creative Manager

Kait has spent her life immersed in fine arts with the last four years designing creative messaging for Christian ministries. She believes that God created color and intends for us to use it! With her expertise and talent, Kait creates eye-catching and engaging content to meet our clients’ needs. She loves to spend her energy extracting giggles out of her sons, snuggling with her two puppies, and going on gym dates with her husband.

Kevin Harwood

Chief Digital Strategist

Kevin is an experienced advertising strategist and has worked with companies and organizations such as Warner Music, Alpha, Focus on the Family, and the Billy Graham Association. He currently manages international advertising spends and leads accounts worldwide, including many for Eaglecom ministry clients. Kevin has a specialization in large scale Google Ads accounts with a multi-year Partner status with Google Canada, and is a member of the Facebook agency partners serving the North and South American, European, and Asian markets. Kevin enjoys exercising, cooking with his wife, and reading anything interesting.

Korey Hehn

Broadcast Manager
Korey Hehn

Korey oversees the planning, buying, coordination, and execution of Eaglecom’s broadcast activities in the US. With her many years of experience as a media buyer and producer, Korey ensures seamless communication and delivery of content to broadcast partners. Beyond her professional role, she embraces a rich personal life surrounded by the love of her 13 nieces and nephews. She enjoys being active, which includes running, playing and coaching soccer, hiking and skiing. Korey also enjoys knitting and cooking and traveling during her spare time.

Lisa Bremner

Aerie Administrative Assistant

Lisa is an integral part of the Aerie team, ensuring that every interaction with ministry donors is handled with excellence, care, and integrity. Lisa believes the greatest joy of her position is witnessing people’s generosity and their willingness to support amazing ministries that reach the world for God’s Kingdom. When she’s not in the office, Lisa enjoys spending time with her grandkids, watching or playing sports, or travelling.

Peter Noort

Accounting Coordinator

For Peter, nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with balanced books every month. With a keen eye for detail and a detective-oriented mind, Peter diligently ensures that his bookkeeping role for Eaglecom and Aerie clients is done accurately and with utmost integrity. In his spare time, Peter enjoys eating new and adventurous foods, walks in the great outdoors, travelling, researching the next investment idea, and eating crispy chicken sandwiches!

Robyn Roste

Media Manager

Robyn is a trained journalist and has always been fascinated with marketing and communications strategy. After more than a decade working with non-profits, she knows her heart’s work is to connect mission-led organizations with those who need to hear their messages. One of Robyn’s roles with Eaglecom is to lead the Social Media team for a major US client, always finding creative ways to reach more people with messages of hope. She enjoys exploring trails, knitting, and building email funnels.

Sam Rinearson

Director of Strategy

With more than a decade in Christian broadcasting, Sam joined Eaglecom to provide strategic marketing direction to client/agency teams. With a passion to bring Gospel transformation through media, Sam applies his expertise in broadcasting and digital to all ministry projects. Outside of work, there is nothing he enjoys more than backyard firepits with his wife, bike rides with his 4 children, cycling, and stained-glass work.

Shannon McAllister

Director of Operations

Shannon is a committed team player and loves making people feel valued. This has been her approach to all projects since joining Eaglecom in 2005. Overseeing the operations of the company, Shannon is at her best when she is enabling others to be productive and fulfill their responsibilities efficiently. Shannon loves being Mom to her two sons, being outside in the sun, baking, and binge-watching shows with her husband.

Shauna Goodison

Director of Communications

Shauna joined Eaglecom with extensive experience in marketing for Christian ministries and media providers and is a natural communicator. Specializing in social media strategy, Shauna guides teams to effectively connect and engage with current and new audiences. Shauna holds an Honors B.A. in Fine Art, Theatre & Film and is currently working on her Masters in Theological Studies. She enjoys movie nights, walking her dog Finlay, creating art, tackling new fitness challenges and being a parent.