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Time Off is Good for Your Health and Your Workplace

Workplace Trends Time away from work is important. It is time set aside to recharge, it helps reduce burnout, and it allows you to prioritize your well-being. So why do so many people skip their earned time off? The U.S. Travel Association reported that each year more than half of Americans give up paid days

How Cost-of-Living Affects Workplace Stress

Business Trends A recent survey of over 3,800 across the U.K, U.S., and Australia found that 61% of employees say the stress resulting from cost-of-living increases is negatively impacting their work. Half of all respondents also reported their mental health has deteriorated since the start of the pandemic and only 38% feel their mental health

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How Entrepreneurs Manage Stress

Mental Health Trends A survey of over 300 entrepreneurs revealed over 65% of respondents have experienced burnout and 59% struggle with a form of anxiety. Though not all founders revealed healthy coping mechanisms, most pointed to effective outlets for the pressure of entrepreneurship such as: Exercise (73%) Talking with family & friends (56%) Engaging in

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