April 5, 2024

LinkedIn Strategies for Non Profits

Social Media Trends

You may wonder why LinkedIn is worth considering when it comes to your social strategy. This social networking site has been around for a while and has primarily been known as a space where professionals can connect and find job opportunities. Yet lately, digital marketers are starting to pay attention to the opportunities in this space.

Back in 2016, LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft for a hefty $26 billion. Since then, Microsoft has improved the functionality of the network, introducing new tools, such as filtering spammers and promoting popular content within groups, which helped to nearly triple its monthly user base from 106 million to 310 million.

Nonprofit Tech for Good recently released an article listing 10 LinkedIn best practices for non-profits. Here are our top 5 takeaways:

  • POST consistently (2-3 times weekly) to your LinkedIn Page
  • ENGAGE with others as your page to increase exposure
  • ENCOURAGE staff and volunteers to set up their profiles and connect with the company page
  • USE LinkedIn to connect with major donors, sponsors, and foundations
  • JOIN and participate in LinkedIn Groups based on the organization’s professional interests

Why This Matters

Given these insights, right now is a great time for non-profits to integrate LinkedIn into their social media strategy if there is capacity to do so effectively.

Fostering a consistent and engaging presence on LinkedIn can enhance your visibility, increase connection with current and potential donors, further establish your online brand reputation, and connect you with like-minded professionals and, subsequently, potential new hires.

Next Steps

Read the full article by clicking here for all 10 tips recommended by Nonprofit Tech for Good.

Next to AI, LinkedIn was one of the top topics on conversation at a recent social media conference I attended. Do you think LinkedIn is worth adding to your social strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Shauna Goodison
Communications Manager | shauna@eaglecom.ca