How iOS 15 is Impacting Email Marketers in 2022

Marketing Trends Back in September 2021, Apple announced their iOS 15 data privacy changes that would reduce the visibility of email analytics for marketers, including access to user data, the ability to leverage location-based targeting, accurate click-through rate, accurate open rates, and the ability to A/B test subject lines. Recently, HubSpot surveyed over 300 marketers

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Email Benchmarks for Non-Profits

Marketing Trends An infographic has been released by Campaign Monitor based on new research (involving millions of campaigns) outlining email marketing benchmarks for non-profits. Here is what they found: Average open rate: 20.39% Average bounce rate: 1.09% Average click through rate: 2.66% Average click to open rate: 12.99% Average unsubscribe rate: 0.17% Why This Matters

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