Media Habits of Gen Z

Digital Trends It’s no secret that individuals between the ages of 12 and 24 depend on their smartphones to interact with the world, but it may be surprising to learn that many people in Gen Z consider their mobile devices to be the centre of online existence. A recent report from Edison Research shows that

Are you ready for AI?

Digital Trends ChatGPT is huge news right now, but it’s just one of several artificial intelligence (AI) services taking the Internet by storm. Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft and many other companies are heavily invested in AI and machine learning, which promises to aid in automation, research, and decision making. If you’re unfamiliar with ChatGPT, think

Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website

Digital Trends If you’re an executive at an organization or ministry, you may feel like your media team is constantly badgering you to upgrade your website or redesign it altogether. While keeping your site updated is standard, redesigns may feel unnecessary. However, with the rate technology changes there are good reasons your team may be

New Website

Nonprofit Digital Benchmarks

Digital Trends What do you get when you review the impact of five billion email messages, $1 billion in donations, $100 million in digital ad spending, and millions of social media interactions? The 2021 edition of the annual M+R Benchmarks Study of nonprofit digital programs. Here are just a few of the key takeaways: Overall

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Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

Digital Trends In the simplest terms, a dedicated landing page is focused on one clear call to action, which encourages visitors to complete a specific action. This could be anything from signing up for a newsletter to donating. When creating your next landing page, here are some best practices to consider from Toptal: Publish relevant

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The Snapchat Generation

Digital Trends According to Snapchat, 50% of their daily users fall between the ages of 18 and 24 and use this popular social media app to connect, communicate, and create. They are redefining the shopping experience, seeking to build better connections with brands, and sharing every moment along the way. The Snapchat Generation is extremely

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Is Your Social Media Content Accessible?

Digital Trends There are an estimated 2.2 billion people worldwide who have some form of vision impairment, and roughly 5% of the global population lives with a hearing disability. This means that a huge portion of the world’s population relies on assistive technology to navigate the online world and access digital content such as social

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Why Bother with NFTs?

Digital Trends Wondering how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be used by your organization? Primarily, NFTs allow organizations to create digital proof of ownership, attendance, and even transference to different experiences they offer their customers. Additionally, NFTs are transparent and instant. The smart contract coded into the token can’t be edited or altered, which means the


Barriers for the Online Shopper

Digital Trends In December, we touched on how to effectively promote your online store. But how do you ensure your audience stays on your site long enough to make a purchase? Klarna, a shopping service provider, recently released an infographic which includes a list of common barriers for modern online shoppers: Long loading times Website

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