Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website

Digital Trends If you’re an executive at an organization or ministry, you may feel like your media team is constantly badgering you to upgrade your website or redesign it altogether. While keeping your site updated is standard, redesigns may feel unnecessary. However, with the rate technology changes there are good reasons your team may be

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The Importance of Colour Psychology in Marketing

Marketing Trends In the commerce world, buying decisions are believed to be heavily influenced by branding, and colour (also known as “color” by our American friends) psychology plays an important role in effective branding. Marketers believe consumers consider colour more than any other factor when making a purchase (either consciously or unconsciously), so choosing the


Digital Alphas

Marketing Trends The newest generation is Generation Alpha, which includes anyone born in 2010 or later. A survey conducted by GWI found Generation Alpha’s use of social media after school now outpaces their time spent watching television shows or movies. When much of the world was in lockdown due to the pandemic, six out of

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Benefits of Experiential Marketing

Marketing Trends “Experiential marketing” is a strategy which invites an audience to play an active role in creating or shaping a brand experience. These types of experiences help people forge an emotional connection and build community, which leads to loyalty and retention. Here are a few examples of ways organizations have effectively used experiential marketing:

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Is Print Marketing Dead?

Marketing Trends While the world is increasingly glued to mobile devices, marketers and brands are favouring digital advertising over print ad spending. So is print marketing dead? Not necessarily. FinancesOnline collected data from across multiple studies which reveals that print advertising continues to drive strong brand recall and is more trusted by consumers when making

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How iOS 15 is Impacting Email Marketers in 2022

Marketing Trends Back in September 2021, Apple announced their iOS 15 data privacy changes that would reduce the visibility of email analytics for marketers, including access to user data, the ability to leverage location-based targeting, accurate click-through rate, accurate open rates, and the ability to A/B test subject lines. Recently, HubSpot surveyed over 300 marketers

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Is Your Social Media Content Accessible?

Digital Trends There are an estimated 2.2 billion people worldwide who have some form of vision impairment, and roughly 5% of the global population lives with a hearing disability. This means that a huge portion of the world’s population relies on assistive technology to navigate the online world and access digital content such as social

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Email Benchmarks for Non-Profits

Marketing Trends An infographic has been released by Campaign Monitor based on new research (involving millions of campaigns) outlining email marketing benchmarks for non-profits. Here is what they found: Average open rate: 20.39% Average bounce rate: 1.09% Average click through rate: 2.66% Average click to open rate: 12.99% Average unsubscribe rate: 0.17% Why This Matters

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