Younger Workers Prioritize Career Growth and Wellbeing

Business Trends New data from Gallup reports that younger workers are overall more stressed and experiencing work-related burnout more than older generations. “This should concern leaders. Stress and burnout influence job performance and long-term career growth. In addition, burnout is correlated with physical health risks and poor personal relationships. Employees who experience burnout a lot

Why Employee Reviews Matter

Business Trends What’s your stance on employee performance reviews? A recent McKinsey survey found that most CEO’s don’t find the appraisal process useful for identifying top performers, and more than half of employees don’t feel like their managers get their reviews right. This pervasive attitude has resulted in managers performing cursory reviews without feedback or

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How Cost-of-Living Affects Workplace Stress

Business Trends A recent survey of over 3,800 across the U.K, U.S., and Australia found that 61% of employees say the stress resulting from cost-of-living increases is negatively impacting their work. Half of all respondents also reported their mental health has deteriorated since the start of the pandemic and only 38% feel their mental health

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10 Ways to Build Leadership Communities

Business Trends Building a strong community of leaders has become critical within organizations as the world continues to become more complex and uncertain. Below are 10 characteristics of leadership communities that help build a greater sense of belonging within organizations, according to bestselling author Vince Molinaro: Have clarity on the strategic direction of the organization

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