Eagle’s Perspective

What’s in an Anniversary?

What were you doing on July 15th, 1996? I sat at my desk in the small community of Tsawwassen, BC after resigning from an enviable position with a major advertising agency. A little shocked, a lot excited, and completely in awe, this was my first day on the job. Eaglecom had been launched and I

“Zaia,” The New Social Platform to Unite Christians

Social Media Trends There’s yet another new social platform hitting the digital space, but you may want to pay attention to this one. Zaia was created by Ukonwa Ojo, former Global Chief Marketing Officer of Amazon Prime Video and, before that, CMO for MAC Cosmetics. She left the corporate world and was inspired by John

What the Google Leak Really Means

SEO Trends In late May, news broke of an internal document leak from Google, revealing information about how the search engine ranks content. Many SEO experts have reviewed the data, and while many are concluding the information is contradictory and may not be the most updated version of the algorithm, there are still things we

Great News for Digital Advertisers – Spotify Tracking Pixel

Advertising Trends If you do any online advertising, then you’ll be glad to hear Spotify now has a pixel as part of their Ad Studio. Pixels allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads and learn more about what people do once they engage with them. Here are a few events you can measure

Let’s Get Away From the “Feedback Sandwich”

Business Trends Have you ever heard of or used the “feedback sandwich”? This method sandwiches one criticism between two positives. The idea is to soften the bad news with an ego boost, but in practice, this method can be ineffective. Often, the person receiving the feedback is left feeling as though the positive comments are

How Data Can Enhance Connections

Marketing Trends If you’ve been working in ministry for a while, then you’re used to making marketing decisions based on best practices, experience, and maybe even gut instinct. This approach typically works since communication has traditionally been one-way through direct mail, mass advertising, or broadcasting. However, as technology continues to develop, a new world of

Giving is Predicted to Increase in ’24 & ’25

Giving Trends The past few years have been disruptive and filled with uncertainty as we experienced a worldwide pandemic, racial justice movements, stock market fluctuations, and high inflation rates. That is why the average giving growth rate for the past decade has only been 1.9% and in 2022, we even saw a 3.4% drop in

Building Community with a Companion Podcast

Media Trends There’s a growing trend in media: Companion Podcasts. These podcasts extend the life of popular television shows by offering superfans a chance to engage more deeply with the stories, casts, and creators. This approach to podcasting not only maintains interest between episodes but also deepens fans’ connection to the series. With over 500

TikTok Ban? Let’s Strategize!

Social Media Trends TikTok’s been all over the news lately, and not just for dance trends. Last week, U.S. President Joe Biden signed a bill that threatens the app’s future. If TikTok’s parent company ByteDance doesn’t find a non-Chinese buyer within nine months, the app may be completely banned in the United States due to