April 19, 2024

How Well Do You Really Know Others?

Market Research Trends

It has always been my belief that we at Eaglecom have been called to know people, and know how to reach them. While there are various ways to learn about people, finding a balance between in-depth demographic data collection and respecting individual privacy is crucial. This issue is particularly relevant when addressing sensitive topics such as religion, income, political affiliation, and gender—topics often avoided at Thanksgiving dinner.

Pew Research recently published an insightful article on their approach to market research, highlighting the importance of accurate data collection while ensuring response confidentiality, which is essential for building trust and obtaining reliable data. Here are some key takeaways we agree with:

  • IDENTIFY the most important personal characteristics and identities relevant to the survey’s goals
  • ANALYZE the significance of each topic, how to measure it over time, the existing challenges, and any potential controversies
  • PROVIDE answer options such as dropdowns and ranges, e.g., income brackets
  • UTILIZE a tool called “weighting” to mathematically adjust samples, ensuring they represent the population accurately
  • PLACE sensitive questions at the survey’s end to reduce early dropouts
  • CONSIDER using survey panels (a group of compensated individuals who agree to take surveys regularly), as this approach reduces the frequency of asking demographic questions
  • ASSURE respondents that their data will be protected and not shared with third parties

Why This Matters

For Christian organizations, it is crucial to handle demographic data with extra care to respect personal beliefs and privacy. Doing so enables you to tailor your campaigns and reach out more accurately and thoughtfully to your audience’s needs.

Next Steps

For more detailed insights, I encourage you to read the full article. Additionally, explore the “choose your own adventure” section at the bottom of the page for an in-depth look at each topic.

Does your organization conduct market research? Let us help. We are in the business of “knowing people”!

Catherine Robertson
President | catherine@eaglecom.ca