Digital Giving is Growing, But Not Everyone Trusts the Technology

Giving Trends The expansive growth of electronic giving methods has resulted in an increased preference for online giving for many donors. In fact, new research from Barna indicates more than 40% of Americans now prefer digital forms of giving. This new generation of digital donors are interested in technological innovation and are often early adopters,

The 7 Faces of Philanthropy

Giving Trends Have you ever wondered how your organization can better-connect with donors? Authors Russ Alan Prince and Karen Maru File postulate that there are seven main types of donors in their book, The Seven Faces of Philanthropy: A New Approach to Cultivating Major Donors. First published in 1994, The Seven Faces of Philanthropy continues


What Motivates High-Earners to Give?

Giving Trends Barna set out to better understand what motivates people to give to charities. As part of their study, they looked at U.S. adults whose annual income is $300,000 or more and asked them to reflect on their giving practices in 2021. There were three notable patterns: They are aware of their influence—high-capacity givers

High Earners

Seasonal Spending and Giving Cutbacks

Giving Trends New data released on December 5 from Angus Reid Institute finds that 56% of Canadians plan on spending less this Christmas, including cutting back on decorations, entertainment and presents. When it comes to charitable giving, many people plan to cut back on that too: 37% of people surveyed report they’ve scaled back charitable

Donations Returning to 2019-2020 Levels

Giving Trends November 29th was GivingTuesday, the unofficial launch of the giving season. With many calendar year-end campaigns launching, RKD Group has published eight non-profit fundraising trends to help set our expectations. Here are a few of those trends that are worth highlighting: Fewer people are giving more money | In 2018, 49.6% of American

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Seeing Kindness Inspires Kindness

Giving Trends Have you ever been the recipient of someone’s generosity? More than 40% of American adults report they have not experienced generosity. However, 65% of practicing Christians say they have had the experience of someone being generous to them. A new study from Barna Research explores what leads American adults to practice generosity. Their

Seeing Kindness Inspires Kindness

What Motivates People to Give?

Giving Trends In August, Barna released a report called The Giving Landscape with data helping us better understand why people choose to donate to organizations. The results from givers are conclusive, to say the least: When asked by Barna to complete the sentence Why do you choose to give?, many respondents said that true generosity

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Mobile Giving – Is It In Your Toolkit?

Technology Trends You have likely noticed in your analytics how mobile devices outpace desktop computers for website visitors. In addition to making your website mobile-friendly, it is important to provide mobile visitors with a streamlined way to donate to your organization. Mobile giving is on the rise and people appreciate the easy ways to donate

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Canadian Donor Response to Inflation

Giving Trends The Angus Reid Institute recently released data describing how Canadians are responding to the price increases they’ve experienced over the past year. Since July 2021, prices have risen by 7.6%. Understandably, most Canadians are decreasing their spending wherever possible to make ends meet. Of the people surveyed, four out of five say they’re

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