April 14, 2023

Why CTAs Matter

Marketing Trends

Even if you don’t consider yourself a savvy marketer, there’s a good chance you’ve used a call-to-action (known as a CTA) at some point.

It’s the moment in a piece of content where you ask the reader/listener/viewer to do something specific, such as “call this number,” “watch this video,” or “donate now.”

CTAs can be direct or indirect and have the goal of communicating an action that you want people to take.

Why This Matters

There seems to be a prevailing assumption that a non-profit’s work will speak for itself, but in many cases, donors can’t guess what you want them to do (or how much you need) without some kind of directive communication. Knowing how to effectively communicate your CTA is key to marketing wisdom.

Creating simple, easy-to-understand CTAs will help your supporters act in ways that align with your organizational goals. Having clear CTAs also helps people decide whether or not they’re interested in a particular project or piece of content, and guides your ideal donors into a deeper relationship with you.

Next Step

Click here to learn more about creating effective CTAs and to see 40+ examples. Consider how your own CTAs may need to be modified to make them more effective.

Photo by Canva.