September 22, 2023

What’s the Biggest Podcast Platform?

Podcasting Trends

Which platform has more than two billion users and is the most popular place to listen to podcasts?

Spotify? …Nope.
Apple Podcasts? …Nope.
The answer is YouTube.

Even though YouTube isn’t a podcasting platform, more people consume podcasts (audio and video) there than anywhere else.

Why This Matters

For audio podcasts, YouTube may not seem like the most intuitive distribution channel. But as the second-most powerful search engine in the world, YouTube can (at least) double your program’s digital footprint and give you significant exposure, so it’s worth considering!

Next Step

One of the easiest ways to publish your podcast on YouTube is to repost your original file with a static image. That said, video created specifically for YouTube will capture your viewers’ attention much more effectively.

Here are some recommendations on how to take your podcast strategy to the next level:

  • Create a multi-camera video recording setup for your podcast
  • Develop scripts and create YouTube-specific videos
  • Break your podcast into shorter video segments
  • Choose the most popular episodes and turn them into videos for YouTube
  • Optimize your videos for YouTube’s algorithm

In the long run, implementing a distinct YouTube strategy will pay off more compared to simply repurposing a podcast for YouTube. It’s important to begin somewhere, so start by taking action now and work toward small improvements over time.

If you want to make the most of YouTube for your podcast, click this link to read more about the best practices to follow.