September 29, 2023

What Non-Believers Need from Christians

Evangelism Trends

Did you know 65% of people who claim they have no faith know someone who follows Jesus? Among those, 45% have had conversations with their Christian friend about their faith.

A recent survey from Barna asked non-believers what they look for in conversations with Christians. The top responses were:

Why This Matters

Respondents who claim to have no faith indicate that the best learning environment for spiritual conversations is one characterized by care and consideration.

Unfortunately, this is not the standard experience.

When someone has a negative experience in a conversation about faith, they walk away with little desire to know more about Jesus or revisit the topic again, and the relationship can be hindered. It is vital that Christians not only learn how to build meaningful relationships with people of no faith, but also understand that spiritual conversations are most effective when there is mutual care, respect, and authenticity.

Next Step

To learn more about this topic, click here and read an excerpt from Barna’s Spiritually Open survey.