October 20, 2023

Top Ways Search is Changing

Digital Trends

Search has gone mobile, with 54% of consumers choosing to search for information on their phones.

The generation that isn’t mobile-first when it comes to search is the Boomer generation, with only 35% choosing their phones over any other device when searching for answers.

And while 86% of consumers still say search engines are the best way to get information, other methods such as searching on social media and asking AI chatbots (such as ChatGPT) are also growing in popularity and use.

Hubspot surveyed 600 consumers on how they search the web and came out with four key takeaways:

31% of consumers use social media to find answers to their questions
15% of consumers prefer to search on social media over search engines
86% of consumers say search engines are still the best way to get information
54% of consumers primarily use phones to search

Why This Matters

Many organizations understand the importance of optimizing their content for search. However, this data underscores the relevance of adding in mobile search optimization and social search optimization to your SEO activities.

While search engines are still the preferred method for discovering information, social media and AI chatbots are gaining traction, especially with younger generations.

Creating strategies for using all of these methods, to enhance discoverability, will benefit your organization in the long-term.

Next Step

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