January 5, 2024

To Do, or To Be?

A new year always sparks conversations about goals and resolutions, with the belief that things can be accomplished and even changed. Out comes the paper (or online platform) to help us make the “list”! What can I DO to achieve my goals?

I am probably not alone in saying that I am a “to-do” list person. I have made lists since I was young and they have been a “lifesaver”! Well, maybe not a “life” saver, but my lists help me get things out of my brain and remember what I need to do in all areas of my life. I wouldn’t know how to live without my list!

I’m known for my “to-do” list and being a busy person. Part of me is happy when I can fit a lot into a day, but I have come to realize this is not what I want to be known for and not how I want to live.

My focus is changing to what I want “to-be”. I’ll still work hard to fit a lot into a day, but what matters to God and others is who I am and not what I do. Who do I want to be? And why? What’s at stake if I don’t fulfill my BE’s?

I will explore this thought over the coming year – my “word” for 2024 is 2 words – “To-Be”. I will seek to determine who God wants me to be which will shape how I go about my to-do’s!

I’m sure we share the experience of having a life filled with people – all who mean a lot to us. As I think about who I want to be, my mind quickly goes to being an encourager and truly coming alongside others. I want to think about what that means for each of my husband, adult kids, grandchildren, clients, work mates, business colleagues, friends, neighbours, and even strangers. Will my “be” come through? I can already tell this is going to be a new way of seeing each day.

May 2024 be a year that is filled with meaningful moments for each of you. May you feel led to being who God created you to be. May you also get your “to-do’s” done well…but may they never overshadow your “to-be”.

Happy New Year.