July 8, 2023

Threads: Twitter’s Competitor Has Arrived

Twitter, but for Instagram People

Social Media Trends

Around 48 hours ago, Meta officially launched Threads, a new social media platform created for sharing text updates and participating in public conversations.

The response has been nothing short of buzzworthy. In its first few hours there were 10 million sign-ups, which grew to 30 million users by mid-morning.

Amidst the excitement, early adopters are sharing their experiences with the new app. Some praise the team for releasing an app that’s “good enough” rather than waiting for perfection, while others criticize the brand for omitting features such as accessibility and a desktop version.

Overall, the response has been positive, except for Twitter, which threatened legal action due to similarities with their own platform.

Creating a profile takes only 30 seconds if you have an existing Instagram account. Posts can be up to 500 characters long and can include links, photos, and videos up to five minutes in length.

Why This Matters

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, the social network’s future has been a topic of speculation. As new announcements, changes, and restrictions continue to emerge (including a recent temporary reading limit), alternative networks are emerging, each claiming to be the next “better version” of Twitter.

Although text-based platforms like Twitter tend to favour individuals over organizations, building connections and fostering community as a brand is still possible. Trying Threads may be worthwhile.

Next Step

If your organization has decided to join Threads, we recommend repurposing your existing Twitter and Instagram strategy, rather than reinventing the wheel.

To learn more about this new social network, click this link.

Photo by Apple