February 23, 2024

This Will Change Everything…

Digital Trends

This week, I had the chance to learn from the industry’s top digital marketers at a conference held in San Diego, California called Social Media Marketing World. The speakers covered many topics, from “Instagram Content Strategies that Convert” to “Scaling with YouTube Ads”, but there was one major recurring theme mentioned in almost every talk: the role of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Why This Matters

It was unanimously emphasized that the use of generative AI is not a future consideration but a current necessity in contemporary marketing strategies. With this shift, staying ahead requires adaptability but also discernment.

The emergence of AI in our world can seem daunting, and quite honestly, a bit scary. The rapid advancements of AI capabilities, while promising, also raise questions about their implications for job roles and data security. However, AI also offers opportunities for growth, efficiency, and enhanced creativity in marketing efforts.

I’d like to share three steps your team can take to not only understand AI’s potential, but also ensure its safe and effective application in your operations.

Next Steps

#1 Create an AI Council
Many employees are already using free generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, often unbeknownst to their employers. However, The free version of these AI tools are often using your information to train up newer models, which means your data is not safeguarded. Form an AI Council to create your own AI policy, determine ethical usage, ensure data protection, and comply with emerging AI laws such as the EU AI Act. Make AI compliance a priority to protect your organization.

#2 Make the Tools Work for You
Companies currently using AI estimate that 70% of their workforce will use AI for task automation or enhancement by 2028. AI should be viewed as a valuable assistant, rather than a replacement. One of the conference speakers provided an insightful analogy: if you were a violinist contributing to the symphony, AI now empowers you to become the conductor. Your new responsibility is to masterfully direct these tools in alignment with your goals, amplifying your capabilities.

#3 Remain Human
Search engines may not rank AI-generated content as highly as content created by humans. Therefore, don’t rely solely on the output from AI tools. Make sure to edit, add a human touch, and ensure that the content you publish reflects your authentic brand voice.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful. If you have any questions, or would like to share how you and your organization are currently utilizing generative AI, simply email me at shauna@eaglecom.ca. I’d love to hear from you!

Shauna Goodison
Communications Manager | shauna@eaglecom.ca

Photo from Canva
Ironically, this post was created with the help of AI