March 8, 2024

The Status of Canadian Fundraising

Giving Trends

Have you ever wondered how the giving at your organization compares to the giving at other, comparable, organizations?

In their 2023 Benchmark Report, Blackbaud spoke with non-profit workers ranging from managers and directors to experienced non-managers about the state of donations in their organization.

The key findings are summarized into four sections:

Donation Income
At a high level, 27% said their income increased, 18% said their income decreased, and 18% said their income stayed the same.

Digital Maturity
Interestingly, being a digitally-mature organization doesn’t seem to have an impact on income growth. However, non-profits that incorporate innovative digital strategies into their fundraising are more likely to reach their fundraising goals.

Most organizations see the benefits of using technology (customer relationship management software, etc.) as part of their fundraising activities, although overall the report suggests they do not get the most out of it and investing in technology is not a priority.

Future Outlook
Almost 80% of organizations say the current economic situation is their biggest challenge, followed by staff retention. Despite the economics, most non-profit workers report feeling optimistic about the future of their organization.

Why This Matters

During this season of economic uncertainty and inflation, it can be difficult to know where charitable organizations should focus their fundraising efforts. Understanding where other non-profits are putting their efforts can be helpful for moving forward.

Next Steps

As you plan future fundraising events and campaigns, here are some key questions to ask:

  1. Is this type of event or campaign consistent with your mission? How could it be better aligned?
  2. Is this the best way to tell your story? What would give this idea greater impact?
  3. What else could your team be doing with the same amount of time and energy this event or campaign will consume? Could these alternatives contribute as much or more income and goodwill?
  4. What is your budget for this event or campaign? What is your “break-even” amount?
  5. Does this campaign or event have enough controllables and benchmarks for you to accurately measure success? What can you include to increase those metrics?
  6. What is your follow-up plan? Are your key players aware of their part in the process? Is the project mapped out with assignments and deadlines?

To read the full in-depth report from Blackbaud, click here to download your own copy.