August 18, 2022

The Open Generation

teens sitting agains wall

Faith Trends

Later this year, Barna Group will release a study focused on teenagers, highlighting new global data related to their ideas about Jesus. Early data from this study indicates that teens today have a positive perception of Jesus, although their ideas of Him focus more on the past.

chart showing teens' perspectives of Jesus Christ

Why This Matters

Through this study, Barna is compiling a profile of this generation. They have coined the term “The Open Generation” to indicate how teens today are optimistic, engaged, malleable, curious, authentic, inclusive, and collaborative. These descriptors are far less common when describing young adults, indicating there is a small window of opportunity to influence teens’ thoughts about Christ and Christianity.

Next Step

While your specific target group may not be teens, it is important to understand all generations and how they interact with and influence each other.