October 27, 2023

Sonic Logos May Be the Next Big Thing in Advertising

Audio Trends

Have you heard the term “sonic logos” before? It’s the new wave of short audio tones that make up a brand soundtrack.

Think of sonic logos as shorter variations of jingles, ear worms, or even trending audio. These catchy snippets of sound can get into our heads and make a big impact on how we think about a brand, product, or company.

In the past decade, major brands with sonic logos grew by as much as 4x, or about 10% of all major companies.

Why This Matters

Having an iconic sound can evoke memories and emotion in the listener, and it’s believed to inspire stronger engagement and recognition with customers.

In a world that’s a massive sea of similarity, noise, and distraction, the “ta-dum” when Netflix loads, the harmonized tone when a MacBook restarts, or the ba-da-ba-da-da of a McDonald’s commercial could make all the difference.

However, becoming recognized by the masses is not simple. SoundOut examined 135 brands and found the sonic logo recognizability rate was less than 33%.

The secret to creating a memorable sound? Pleasant-sounding melodies and a strategic incorporation of the sonic logo in everything you do.

Next Step

When a sonic logo works, you don’t need to see the product or hear the brand name to know what the sound represents. To learn more about sonic logos, click here and read further.