December 22, 2023

So, What’s Different? A Christmas Message

For over six decades, I’ve had the privilege of hearing and reading outstanding messages about the wonder of Christmas, the reason for the season, and the true meaning of a gift. Wise men and women have expressed their thoughts and have caused me to think more deeply about this festive time of year.

And so, what can be said that is different from what you have heard? We know the biblical story of Jesus’ birth; we know He is the ultimate gift, and we know He came in a humble way to save the world.

What’s different is us! We have never lived this day before and we are one day further along our journey. The message God gave us in His word doesn’t change, but it is new each day as we let Him speak to us…where we are at…just at this moment.

I’m thinking of many people who are facing their first Christmas without a loved one. I know of some who are struggling financially, emotionally, physically, and relationally. I know others who have welcomed new babies into their families this past year. Some have taken on new jobs; some have retired. Some have moved houses, and some have renovated their rooms. Nothing stays the same. It’s not supposed to stay the same.

But, as our lives unfold with all the joys, sorrows, accomplishments, and challenges, we can stand firm on the word of God and the promise of eternal life. That is the true gift of Christmas.

Let’s take a moment…let’s pause. Let’s pray we will see this baby in a new way this year.