July 14, 2022

Smart Speakers and Moms

woman using smart speaker

Technology Trends

Smart Speakers have effectively disrupted the home technology industry in a way that may make you feel like you’re in an episode of The Jetsons. The AI-powered interface can play your favourite playlist, answer questions, set timers, give you reminders, and even control other smart devices within your home.

A recent survey from Edison Research shows that 67% of mothers in the United States own at least one Smart Speaker and 43% say they own three or more. The appeal of these Wi-Fi-enabled virtual assistants is that they are voice-activated and can be controlled from a distance. This allows users to use their Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant hands-free, which as any mother knows, is a huge perk.

Why This Matters

Moms are a primary or secondary demographic for many non-profits, and this research should be considered as Smart Speakers continue replacing radios in the home. While 62% of moms have at least one radio in their house, 38% report zero radios! It’s no secret that women are responsible for the majority of household spending decisions, including food purchases, healthcare decisions, vacation planning and yes, donations. The more non-profits can leverage technology like Smart Speakers, the greater their chance of making genuine connections and building relationships will be.

Next Step

Read more from the Moms and Media 2022 report, and consider if there are new ways that you could be reaching out to and connecting with Moms.