October 6, 2023

QR Codes are Driving Engagement in 2023

Digital Trends

QR Codes aren’t new technology, but they spiked in popularity with organizations and businesses during the pandemic and are continuing to drive engagement for many brands.

Once seen as an information-sharing tool, QR Codes are now being used to help bridge the gap between in-person and online connection. In July 2023, Bitly reported overall QR Code usage was up 41% globally from the same time last year, with some industries seeing much higher usage:

Why This Matters

QR Codes and the ways we can use them are only becoming more sophisticated. We now have the opportunity to create an immersive, interactive experience that helps build and strengthen relationships.

As with all communication platforms and vehicles, it is still essential to understand how your audience wants to connect and where they can be reached. Watch for ways you can bridge the gap between in-person and online connections and then use this technology to enhance your relationships.

Next Step

To learn more about how organizations are using QR Codes to drive engagement, read the in-depth report here.