May 26, 2022

Parents Are Concerned About Their Children’s Spiritual Development

children's hands folded in prayer

Faith Trends

A recent Barna study conducted in 2021 shows that most parents, regardless of religious identity or faith practice, are concerned about their children’s spiritual development and want them to have a healthy relationship with spirituality. Christian parents—especially those who are practicing Christians—are the most adamant about this.

Nearly all parents say they are at least somewhat concerned about their child’s meaningful relationships with peers. Past Barna research has explored how family, friends, and the vibrant faith of one’s household are linked. Churches can be a place where these meaningful relationships are formed among children—a factor in spiritual development.

chart showing U.S. parents concern about children's spiritual development

Why This Matters

Non-profits have an opportunity to provide parents with spiritual resources to help aid their children’s faith journeys and create communities for young people to develop meaningful relationships that point them to Christ.

Next Step

Read the full study and learn how parents responded when they were asked “how concerned are you about whether your child will stay true to their spiritual faith?”.