September 14, 2023

Our 100th Edition!

When I realized this week marks our 100th edition of Eagle’s Perspective, it got me thinking about the significance of the number 100. For me, it conjured up memories of wanting to see this mark on a school exam, or the age I hope to reach. What thoughts come to your mind when you encounter this number that is often associated with fulfillment and completion?

I then let my mind go further and consider the words of Psalm 100. What a perfect Psalm for any day! This short passage is packed with profound wisdom and guidance. It reminds me to give thanks, worship with gladness, acknowledge God’s goodness, be assured of God’s love, and remember that His faithfulness will continue throughout all generations. WOW! From now on, when I see the number 100, I will reflect on these rich words and the Lord’s message to us.

I believe it’s essential to celebrate milestones and recognize the efforts that have brought us to such dates. These are days to look back on our achievements and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Our goal with Eagle’s Perspective is to support our clients and partners in making informed marketing choices grounded in research and valuable insights. Today, I express my gratitude to our dedicated team, wholeheartedly devoted to research and continuous learning. Their efforts empower us to gain deeper insights into human behaviour and communicate impactful messages that can transform lives. I’m grateful for the previous 99 Eagle’s Perspectives and I look forward to the next 100!

We hope you will continue this journey of discovery with us.

Catherine Robertson
Eaglecom Marketing