April 21, 2022

Is Religion Declining in Canada?

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Faith Trends

Religiosity in Canada is at an all-time low, with the number of Canadians reporting to have a religious affiliation dropping below 70% for the first time since Statistics Canada began tracking in 1985.

Angus Reid released new data on Monday that revealed 19% of Canadians now classify themselves as “non-believers” and 46% as “spiritually uncertain”. Christianity, in particular, is experiencing a decline. Statistics Canada is predicting the number of Canadians reporting a non-Christian religious affiliation could double by the year 2036.

In recent decades, there has been a decline in people claiming to have a religious affiliation and participation in group or individual religious or spiritual activities. The importance of religious and spiritual beliefs is playing a lesser role in how people live their lives. Statistics Canada concludes that these changes are primarily due to recent (younger) generations having a different relationship to religion than older ones.

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Why This Matters

Beyond these differences in generations, participation in religious activities and the importance attached to religious and spiritual beliefs still tend to decline over a person’s lifetime.

There continues to be a critical need for Christian ministries to reach and encourage Canadians of all ages and at all stages of their lives.

Next Step

If your organization reaches Canadians in particular, it is important to understand the landscape of religious affiliation across the country. Take a look at the full study provided by Statistics Canada to get a bigger picture of how this looks across different provinces.