December 23, 2021

How to Effectively Promote Your Online Store

woman shopping on her mobile phone

Digital Trends

During the pandemic, online shopping has increased and the 2021 holiday season is no different. According to “Nonprofit Tech for Good”, here are suggestions on how to raise awareness for your non-profit store online:

  • Create a storefront on your Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Add product tags in your stories on social media which allows your audience to tap on a direct link to purchase
  • Create custom collections for your audiences in your store (eg. List of gifts under $25)
  • Launch highly targeted ads with micro-budgets on an ongoing basis
  • Run giveaways for popular items in your shop to raise awareness
  • Make product announcements on social media and email newsletters when a new item launches or is restocked

Why This Matters

Reportedly 94% of consumers plan to shop online for gifts this season with one quarter of those intentionally purchasing from local or small businesses. Non-profits with online shops can tap into these trends on social media to reach mindful shoppers and raise revenue in support of their mission year-round.

Next Step

Create a 2022 strategy for your online store using the suggestions above. To dig deeper, click to read the full article by “Nonprofit Tech for Good”.