August 11, 2023

Here’s Why Your Ministry Needs a Digital Strategy

Digital Trends

Did you know that more people have the Internet than clean drinking water?

As shocking as this sounds, technology continues to innovate at a rapid pace, and has created an expansive digital mission field that can connect people instantly, anywhere.

YouTube is at the center of this revolution. With more than two billion active monthly users, 15 million content creators, and more than three million videos uploaded every day, YouTube makes it possible to share content with a massive audience with relative ease.

Why This Matters

Many ministries on YouTube underutilize its potential. They repurpose TV or radio content instead of creating unique videos. They neglect data analysis and treat YouTube merely as a content storage platform. While this passive approach isn’t necessarily wrong, to impact a global audience, ministries should adopt a robust digital-first strategy. Content creation is now easy, but there’s a lack of clarity and truth online when it comes to teaching the Word of God. Posting trustworthy content is vital, and efforts should be made to reach the right audience.

Next Step

To gain traction on YouTube, ministries should consider treating it as a distinct video communication channel and creating content specifically for this platform.

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