January 19, 2024

Why What Your Staff Thinks Matters

Leadership Trends

In November, Gallup released data indicating that 25% of employees believe their opinions count at work. This means the majority do not feel like their ideas or suggestions are heard or listened to.

Asking for employee input into various organizational initiatives is a good way to show staff members you care about them and affect positive change.

However, asking for feedback isn’t necessarily simple or straightforward. Leaders must be intentional when asking for input, and ready to take strategic action when they receive suggestions.

Why This Matters

Surveys can build trust and generate new ideas in the workplace from people who have the greatest knowledge on day-to-day activities. Employee feedback can also alert leadership to their blind spots, and help organizations create a culture of psychological safety, where employees feel safe to share their thoughts.

However, solicitating input is only the beginning. Effective listening from leadership requires a response team with the authority, ability, and desire to affect change.

Sending out a survey is easy, but truly listening to the responses and implementing meaningful change is a lot harder. The difference between success and failure is how leadership communicates the messages they’ve received and what their plan is moving forward.

“Involving as many employees as possible to offer input on key decisions is a proven way to generate buy-in and ownership of change and outcomes.”

Next Step

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