July 28, 2023

Handwritten Notes Strengthen Bonds

Sales Trends

Did you know that thank-you notes can increase future customer spending by 2x?

According to a report from an online retailer, customers who received a handwritten note or photocopy of a handwritten note spent 100.5% more than customers who received no note.

Why This Matters

Handwritten notes make people feel cared for and adds a personal touch. Sending a note instead of a coupon, discount code, or promotion is less obvious of a sales or marketing strategy and therefore it is perceived by customers as a sincere gesture.

Handwritten notes are also most effective when they’re sent to people who already have some sort of bond with a brand or organization—and for those people, the note serves to strengthen that relationship.

Next Step

Do you write thank-you notes? If not, consider adding this into your donor care workflow as an added measure of expressing your genuine gratitude; perhaps even testing the idea with your less frequent donors.

To learn more, and further review the study’s results, click here.