June 2, 2023

Guess Which Audio Source is #1?

Audio Trends

Recent data from Edison Research reveals audio consumers over the age of 13 spend 59% of their daily ad-supported audio time with AM/FM radio (over-the-air broadcasts and streams).

And it’s not just people in the 55+ age bracket curving the statistic. Radio took top spot in every age demographic over YouTube, podcasts, and other streaming audio.

Share of time spent listening to ad-supported audio:

  • 59%—AM/FM Radio
  • 15%—YouTube
  • 12%—Podcasts
  • 11%—Streaming Audio
  • 3%—Other

Why This Matters

Digital audio continues its climb in dominance, but AM/FM radio maintains strongholds in important and influential spaces, including in-car listening.

If you’re in radio, then you’re aware of Ford’s decision last week to include AM radio in all 2024 vehicles. This reverses an earlier decision in response to the “AM for Every Vehicle Act.”

The vehicle-maker cited safety concerns as the primary reason for their decision, and having broadcast radio protected as a part of the emergency alert system ensures it will continue to have a necessary presence in our lives for many years to come.

Next Step

To learn more about Edison’s research’s findings, about radio and other audio sources, click here.

Photo by Canva.