September 8, 2023

Donors Still Want to Give, Survey Finds

Fundraising Trends

Believe it or not, most donors say the pandemic has had no effect on their donation habits. And yet, around 75% of non-profit professionals say they’re concerned about current economic situation leading to fewer donations, according to a recent report from Blackbaud.

These concerns are certainly justifiable. There are many people who are facing financial challenges as inflation rises and the cost-of-living increases. Even so, people want to give!

Why This Matters

Despite how many non-profit professionals feel, it should be encouraging to learn that donors who supported charities before 2020 still support charities today.

In the Donor Behavior Insights 2023 report, Blackbaud and Nepa partnered to survey 1,000 donors in Canada about their past donation habits and their future giving plans.

Most respondents prefer to show support through either giving monetary donations (90%), volunteering their time (39%), or taking part in events (27%). While 55% of respondents say the pandemic had no effect on their giving, 23% are now giving more than before.

It’s in these times that understanding donor behaviour and their motivation for giving is essential to building a resilient and successful organization.

Next Step

Click this link to read the Donor Behaviour Insights 2023 report, to learn other key insights.