March 15, 2024

Do You Trust AI?

AI Trends

It probably comes as no surprise that recent surveys indicate older generations are skeptical of AI at best and outright distrustful at worst.

A report from Barna indicates 45% of Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) say they don’t trust AI, compared to 25% of Gen X, 21% of Millennials, and 18% of Gen Z.

Overall, there is hesitancy in all generations to fully embrace AI, although younger generations are more curious about it than older ones, and Millennials are using AI technology the most.

Why This Matters

Right now, AI use at work isn’t commonplace with just over 30% of Gen Z and Millennials saying they use AI at or for work. However, as technology continues advancing, more and more tools will integrate AI into their interface, making it near impossible for employees in any generation to avoid forever.

Consistent across the generations, just over 30% of Barna survey respondents are hopeful AI can do positive things in the world.

Next Steps

Organizations may wish to develop an AI policy ahead of a mass rollout, so employees understand how they are expected to use and not use AI in their work and are prepared to adopt the technology changes as they come.

To read more from this survey, and consider if an AI organizational policy is something you should develop for your company, click here.