March 10, 2023

Do we need to care about climate change?

Societal Trends

In the United States, younger adults are more likely than older adults to be concerned about climate change.

Pew Research Center surveyed more than 10,000 adults, to explore the relationship between Americans’ religious beliefs and environmental views, and found the following:

These results are not limited to evangelicals. Catholic adults and religiously unaffiliated adults also showcase these same percentage gaps between adults under and over age 40.

Why This Matters

If an organization wants to convey life-changing messages to key audiences, it is vital to study people’s habits and interests. To effectively communicate with someone is to understand what motivates and engages them.

One of the top concerns for many millennials and Gen Z is the subject of climate change. Even if an organization is not addressing this topic specifically, it is important to know that this is very important to the younger generations, who collectively represent more than 40% of the population (according to Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey 2020).

More than ever, young adults are passionate about the environment and activism, and they are looking deeper into an organization’s structure before they donate to ensure sustainable practices and the needs of all stakeholders are prioritized.

Next Step

Click here to learn more about the various generations’ views on caring for the earth and the impact of climate change. Consider if these viewpoints on this widely discussed and controversial topic need to be factored into your communications.

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