November 17, 2023

Connection Leads to Growth

Marketing Trends

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our day-to-day lives is continuing to expand. It’s an exciting time technologically, as AI essentially levels the playing field online for what organizations can accomplish.

As the world becomes more and more digital-first, many industries are weighing what technologies to invest in so they can make the most of these innovations.

Automation and AI are certainly important tools but using them should be balanced with human-led strategies as well.

A recent article from HubSpot expands on this idea, pointing out that the companies experiencing the fastest growth prioritize connection and relationships. They maximize their growth by using human-led connection strategies (one-to-one, such as phone calls and in-person visits) and scaled connection strategies (one-to-many, such as emails and social media) in tandem.

Why This Matters

In non-profit marketing, there’s an understanding that constituents go on a five-step journey from becoming aware of an organization to becoming a donor. At the beginning stages of the journey (or relationship), having a one-to-one approach isn’t as critical as in the later stages because the individual is learning about the organization and slowly warming up. By the time they’re ready to become a donor, they value a personal touch much more.

Understanding how to best use your team’s time and energy throughout the donor journey will allow you to maximize these relationship-building opportunities. And by creating multiple connection opportunities in person, online, and through other touchpoints, you’re ensuring a strong, holistic strategy to engage with people as they grow in their knowledge and trust of your organization.

Next Step

To learn more about balancing human-led and scaled connection tactics, read the linked article here.