March 3, 2022

Barriers for the Online Shopper

woman shopping on her mobile phone

Digital Trends

In December, we touched on how to effectively promote your online store. But how do you ensure your audience stays on your site long enough to make a purchase? Klarna, a shopping service provider, recently released an infographic which includes a list of common barriers for modern online shoppers:

  • Long loading times
  • Website not optimized for mobile
  • Hidden pricing
  • Too many pop-ups and cross-selling
  • Complicated check-out process
  • Limited payment methods

Why This Matters

Once you effectively draw the right audience to your online store, you need to ensure they have a smooth shopping experience in order to complete the customer journey.

Next Step

Does your site have any of these barriers? Use this list to guide you in an audit of your online store to ensure you are providing a smooth and easy customer experience.