June 28, 2024

“Zaia,” The New Social Platform to Unite Christians

Social Media Trends

There’s yet another new social platform hitting the digital space, but you may want to pay attention to this one. Zaia was created by Ukonwa Ojo, former Global Chief Marketing Officer of Amazon Prime Video and, before that, CMO for MAC Cosmetics. She left the corporate world and was inspired by John 17:23 to create Zaia, which is specifically designed to unite and connect Christians around the globe.

“Zaia,” meaning “light,” features both visual and text feeds, and allows users to join or create communities known as “tribes” to connect with like-minded individuals. Ukonwa encourages users, “find your community. And if it doesn’t exist, create one!”

Why This Matters

I know, the world doesn’t need just another social network, right? But hear me out. For faith-based ministries and broadcasting outlets like yours, Zaia could offer a unique opportunity to reach and engage with an intentionally faith-based audience. And that’s truly good news… for the Good News! (Okay, I know that was cheesy).

Watch Ukonwa’s recent interview with our friends at CHVN Radio:

Next Steps

While you don’t need to overhaul your entire social media strategy just yet, why not explore what Zaia has to offer? Have your social expert play around with the app, join conversations, and see what new opportunities might unfold.

The app is currently available for android and iPhone users. Learn more about Zaia here.

Choosing the right platforms for your social media efforts can feel daunting. I’m passionate about helping our clients streamline organic and paid digital strategies to achieve real results. If you want to learn more, let’s connect!

Shauna Goodison
Director of Communication | shauna@eaglecom.ca