March 17, 2022

Why Bother with NFTs?


Digital Trends

Wondering how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be used by your organization? Primarily, NFTs allow organizations to create digital proof of ownership, attendance, and even transference to different experiences they offer their customers. Additionally, NFTs are transparent and instant. The smart contract coded into the token can’t be edited or altered, which means the organization that created that token will always see the return whenever that token is sold.

Social Media Examiner recently released an article which outlines:

  • How NFTs can help build community
  • How NFT Airdrop works
  • How proof of attendance works
  • Business use cases for NFTs

Why This Matters

In the not-so-distant future, NFTs are going to become integrated into nearly all aspects of our lives. In return, NFTs are going to provide more purchasing power to the buyers while also providing organizations with added security and benefits. By learning and understanding NFTs, your organization has an opportunity to connect with your audience in a new way and protect and increase your own value as well.

Next Step

Once you understand how NFTs can benefit your organization’s mission, use NFTs to strengthen or even streamline some of your current strategies.

Read the full article by Social Media Examiner here.