October 6, 2022

What Motivates People to Give?

hand holding money

Giving Trends

In August, Barna released a report called The Giving Landscape with data helping us better understand why people choose to donate to organizations.

The results from givers are conclusive, to say the least:

Barna graph shows reasons adults give

When asked by Barna to complete the sentence Why do you choose to give?, many respondents said that true generosity is “something personal, defined by the emotion or outcome.”

Other adjectives they used to describe true generosity included selfless (32%), driven by compassion (30%) or a response to Christ’s love (28%).

Why This Matters

Understanding why donors give is important for non-profits, because once we understand what is motivating someone to make a gift, we can speak to them in terms that connect and deepen relationships.

Next Step

Click to learn more about why people give and consider if your messaging speaks to your donor’s “why”, or if it needs to be refreshed.