February 2, 2023

What Motivates High-Earners to Give?

High Earners

Giving Trends

Barna set out to better understand what motivates people to give to charities. As part of their study, they looked at U.S. adults whose annual income is $300,000 or more and asked them to reflect on their giving practices in 2021.

There were three notable patterns:

  • They are aware of their influence—high-capacity givers feel a sense of responsibility for their wealth and want to steward their abundance well
  • They are focused on the big picture and long term—they want to make wise financial decisions and make it a point to regularly evaluate their financial planning
  • They see the spiritual dimension of their giving—many high-capacity givers desire to reflect and glorify God while also blessing others with their finances

Why This Matters

Many Christian high-capacity givers are guided by a desire to give back and serve God with their money. They are likely to see financial giving as a spiritual discipline, something that’s necessary to their spiritual walk.

It’s important for non-profit and organizational leaders to understand this group and tailor their asks accordingly. If a high-capacity giver cares about the vision and future of an organization, then don’t focus on the daily struggles of running a charity. Instead, talk about where you’re going, who will be affected, and how they can help you reach your goals.

From those surveyed, 75% say they were taught to be generous, while 50% have been the recipient of generosity. People in this group could be mentors and inspire generous activity in other groups, becoming a catalyst for action.

Next Step

To learn more about what drives high-earners to be generous with their finances and consider how you can best connect with them and their mindset around giving, click here.

Photo from Canva.com