May 19, 2022

The Snapchat Generation

girl taking a selfie

Digital Trends

According to Snapchat, 50% of their daily users fall between the ages of 18 and 24 and use this popular social media app to connect, communicate, and create. They are redefining the shopping experience, seeking to build better connections with brands, and sharing every moment along the way.

The Snapchat Generation is extremely loyal and increasingly values-driven. Values like caring for their well-being, prioritizing their relationships with others, and having fun are important to Snapchat users.

Here is how non-profits can connect with the generation that’s shaping how we interact with each other, with brands, and the world.

  1. Help Snapchat users in their mission to explore their true selves
  2. Build deeper connections with visual brand experiences
  3. Make shopping more social and interactive
  4. Spread joy

Why This Matters

Snapchatters, in particular, are looking to buy into missions they can support, promote, and stand behind. It will work well for non-profits to be open, honest, and clear about their values, motivations, and goals.

Snapchatters enjoy talking to people who share their love for a brand. Non-profits can help build communities by bringing people together and facilitating connections.

Next Step

Read the full report to get a better understanding of how the Snapchat Generation is utilizing this social media app and influencing the world around them