December 15, 2022

The Importance of Colour Psychology in Marketing


Marketing Trends

In the commerce world, buying decisions are believed to be heavily influenced by branding, and colour (also known as “color” by our American friends) psychology plays an important role in effective branding. Marketers believe consumers consider colour more than any other factor when making a purchase (either consciously or unconsciously), so choosing the correct colours for your branding, marketing, and products is critical.

For instance, WHITE is thought to elicit the emotions of:

  • Purity / Simplicity
  • Innocence
  • Tidiness / Cleanliness
  • Humility

Whereas BLUE is thought to convey:

  • Stability / Loyalty
  • Peace
  • Calm / Tranquility
  • Trust

Why This Matters

Colour is a powerful communicator and can effectively spark memories and create emotional ties on a subconscious level. People are naturally drawn to what they like and are therefore more likely to interact with your marketing materials if they find them aesthetically pleasing. With online campaigns especially, it is worth testing to see if changing images and colours can increase responsiveness.

Next Step

Click to learn more about colour psychology and consider how your current use of colour is impacting people and how you might incorporate your newfound knowledge into future marketing materials.

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