December 22, 2022

The HOW and WHY of Online Purchases


Social Media Trends

One of the most popular hashtags on social media right now is #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. This hashtag focuses on peer reviews and its virality has been directly responsible for products flying off the shelves of retailers across the continent. A recent report from Pew Research Center about online shopping habits reported more than 30% of people who follow influencers on social media have bought something after seeing a post from an influencer or content creator.

The report also focused on how Americans are shopping online, and that shopping on smartphones for all age groups (other than those 65+) is now by far the preferred method.

buying trends

Why This Matters

Although Americans across most major demographic groups prefer shopping in physical stores, online shopping is a regular part of life for most people. Online shopping, as well as who is influencing online shopping decisions should not be discounted.

Research is showing younger adults prefer advertising that is relatable and fits into the platform they are viewing. This could be a valuable opportunity for organizations to become part of a platform’s unique culture and connect with people in a deeper way.

While this doesn’t mean all marketing activities need to focus on influencers, it does suggest there could be opportunities to try a new approach through sponsored content, collaborations, and advertising with the right partners.

Next Step

First, ensure that your online store is smartphone optimized, for easy access by all generations. Then, while influencer marketing may not be at the top of your new-initiatives list for 2023, consider the impact of testimonials and how people are motivated to act when they receive recommendations from people they trust.

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