October 13, 2022

Teens and Faith

Teens and faith

Faith Trends

World Vision partnered with Barna Group to develop a study of more than 24,000 youth ages 13 to 17 living in 26 countries. The goal was to uncover beliefs around issues such as faith and justice.

Of those teens surveyed in Canada:

  • 53% had never used a Bible
  • 43% described themselves as “somewhat motivated” to keep learning about Jesus throughout their lives
  • They were less likely to say they experience fear and pressure to be successful or perfect, compared to their international peers

Why This Matters

Those born between 1997 and 2012 make up The Open Generation, a term researchers coined to describe the “lightness of being” they saw while conducting this study.

To create opportunities for young people to do meaningful work and change the world for the better, we must understand how they think and feel, especially about faith and Christianity. Empowerment starts with understanding and investing in younger generations is the key to making a difference in the future

Next Step

On October 26th, World Vision Canada is holding a hybrid event (online and in-person) to discuss the study “The Open Generation: Gen Z, Jesus and Justice”. Click here to download their study summary, or register for the free event.