May 12, 2022

Technology and the Mission of the Church

phone recording worship service

Ministry Trends

Waybase, a Canadian organization with a vision to bring the Church together to make a greater impact for good, has recently released their report “The Next Normal”, exploring the future of Christian Ministries and Churches in Canada. Here is just one of their key findings:

Prior to 2020, only 10% of churches had an online service. By October 2020, that number jumped significantly to 71% and remained consistent through February 2022. Although 87% of leaders see the potential of technology and know how it can help their ministry, only 44% plan on continuing online services moving forward.

Church online was a pandemic necessity, but many people don’t see it as an essential part of ministry moving forward.

Consider the attitudes towards technology among church leaders. When asked about the potential use of their current technologies to engage in the spiritual lives of their members, only 11% agreed that the technology they use helped foster community. 19% agreed that it helps mobilize their people to serve. It seems leaders have not yet found the right technology to help reach their ministry goals.

Why This Matters

Technology is an important part of the future of ministry. Leaders can build on their previous success by adapting to online services and trying new technologies to foster community and mobilize people to action.

Next Step

Read the full Waybase study to better understand how churches and ministries are navigating technology and the mission of the church.